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Apply for Membership

Thank you for your interest in joining the Colorado School Foundation Association (CSFA). Your commitment to participate in our association will help to strengthen K-12 public education state-wide and will provide you with valuable information and contacts to further the mission of your organization. The Colorado School Foundation Association is a statewide cooperative association dedicated to enhancing education for all Colorado public school students, strengthening the relationship between the community and the schools, and assisting local education foundations in achieving their goals.


  1. Increase support for public education throughout Colorado

  2. Build awareness of public school education foundations

  3. Elevate funding and program opportunities through collaborative efforts


Education foundations can join CSFA by electronically signing and submitting this agreement and by paying dues on an annual basis. They also agree:

  1. That their organization is the official K-12 district-wide 501(c)(3) support organization

  2. To attend at least half of the regularly scheduled meetings

  3. To support CSFA initiatives such as promoting the Colorado "Support Education" license plate program

  4. To submit payment of annual dues of $250 by July 1st each year following the year it joined

  5. To link its website to the CSFA website and list CSFA membership on appropriate materials

  6. To represent CSFA positively at every opportunity when participating in meetings, public gatherings, and with family and friends


All CSFA members in good standing are eligible to participate in the "Support Education" special interest license plate program. The "Support Education" license plate is a grassroots advocacy initiative that CSFA members undertook to increase the visibility of, and support for, public education throughout the state of Colorado. Additionally, because there is a $20 donation required (in addition to the applicable DMV fee), each participating foundation has the opportunity to receive funds for educational programs in its district.


Membership in CSFA will be comprised of eligible organizations within the State of Colorado. Member organizations will reflect a range of differences, such as:

  1. Size of the Foundation's human and material resources (small, medium, large)

  2. Developmental age of the Foundation

  3. Size of the school district supported (number of children served)

  4. Type of district: urban, suburban, or rural districts

  5. Location in the state


Officers of the CSFA hold office for a period of one year, the offices consist of:

  1. Chair

  2. Treasurer

  3. Secretary

  4. Immediate Past Chair


Within 30 days of joining, CSFA agrees that the new member will be added to the pull-down list on the CSFA site, allowing them to be selected by license plate purchasers to receive $20 donations. By electronically signing this membership agreement, member organizations agree to:

  1. Actively market the "Support Education" license plate on an ongoing basis to their school community and donor population. This includes District and Foundation publications, fundraising appeals and events, and electronic newsletters and communications

  2. Allocate 100% of funds received from "Support Education" license plate donations ($20/plate less a transaction fee) to programs that support student learning in the classroom

Colorado School Foundation Association will:

  1. Provide notifications of meetings

  2. Provide minutes of each meeting

  3. Provide regular financial reports

Your e-signature on this application accompanied by a $250 check (made out to "Jeffco Schools Foundation" with "CSFA" included in the memo line or a letter/noter accompanying the check and sent to Jeffco Schools Foundation, 809 Quail St., Bldg. #1, Lakewook, CO 80215) for annual dues confirms eligibility and agreement to abide by responsibilities as outlined in both the "Member Eligibility Responsibilities" and "License Plate Program" sections.

Thanks for submitting!

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